★ Why are tags better than folders?

Today I ran across a couple of good presentations from the Social Computing Symposium 2005. Particularly interesting to me are the two presentations on social metadata and tagging (presentations require IE):
David Weinberger: From Trees to Tags (presentation)
Matt MacLaurin: Tesla, Tagging for the DeskTop (presentation)
Those that are against tagging site consumers have already solved the problem of organizing their information with folders so why would they want to adopt using tags. I would say consumers haven’t be given a compelling enough reason to switch to tags if they aren’t willing to make the change. If you can appeal to the consumers needs and desires you’ll win them over. This requires education and consumer education is an expensive business.
Just because a service or technology is better than what is common place in the market doesn’t mean it’ll be successful, however, I do think over time tagging will gain influence over folders. To be honest, I think it’ll take someone like Microsoft with its prevalence on the desktop to change and education consumers on this matter.

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