★ The Future of Personal Portals

Today there’s some talk in the blogoshpere about the future of Personal Portals. Yahoo! is the clear leader in this space as far as sheer numbers are concerned. Richard MacManus of Read/WriteWeb, quotes Peter Cooper: “If anything’s going to really break through, it’s going to be Google’s (because of their sheer might), or something that appeals to the MySpace/LiveJournal crowd…” I just like to comment that Yahoo! has purchased del.icio.us and Flickr to prepare for the future. The evolution of the Personal Portal will integrate personal publishing and user generated content feeds (Yes, I know Yahoo! already does this to some degree). To provide an even more personalized and contextual portal experience.
I agree Google could develop a product that captures the attention of the MySpace crowd; however, I also believe Yahoo! has a proven track record of building and managing communities whereas Google doesn’t.
Of course, this is my opinion so we’ll see what happens.

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