★ Moving Thunderbird Messages to Outlook

About six months ago I decided to switch e-mail clients from Outlook to Thunderbird. I have been relatively happy with Thurderbird but wanted to switch back to Outlook for some of the calendaring benefits related to my employer’s corporate calendaring preferences.
I recall the switch from Outlook to Thunderbird being really easy; however, I discovered the switch back is painful. The reason it’s so painful is Outlook doesn’t allow for the import of *.mboxs” files. That works well if you have no e-mail messages to move.
What I had to do is use a program called IMAPSize to convert Thurdnerbird’s “mboxs” files to Outlook Express file format “emls” which I could then import into Outlook’s “pst”. This process isn’t simple: meaning that it isn’t just a couple clicks of the mouse. Thanks to a message board string for directing me on how-to accomplish this file format conversion.
The one thing I’d add to the string is that you have to convert each e-mail folder separately kind of a pain if you have a lot of folders. I was happy since this was a free solution and the alternative was to purchase software solution.

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