★ The Masked Blogger: Not so Masked!

The Masked Blogger is a new anonymous Apple employee blog, or so it’s labeled by the author with statements like:

Stay tuned for an explanation on the anonymity. It’s a genuine attempt to join and advance the conversation … to effect positive change without jeopardising my livelihood.

If you’re going to start an anonymous blog you may want to make sure that you don’t use your personal name in your RSS feed. I enjoyed what I read on the The Masked Blogger site and decided to add it to my RSS Reader and upon doing so noted that his name is listed in the URL of the site RSS feed: //www.keithmcollins.com/atom.xml.

I also conducted a quick Google search on name and found this comment on Shel’s blog from last month.

So Keith M. Collins if you believe you’re being anonymous you aren’t.

4 Comments on “★ The Masked Blogger: Not so Masked!”

  1. Before I click the submit button for clarity’s sake I DO work in PR (I am a copywriter) and, yes, I DO work for Acer (don’t you just *LOVE* disclaimers?!?!)
    click, click, click… Mr Collins was once the commercial director for Dixons UK and before that was UK Marketing Director for Dell (hence that previous post). He also has Xerox, Tektronix and AST Computer to his credit.
    What I don’t see is anything Apple.
    What I do see is a very polished *press release* from Dell’s head of Corporate Communications only four posts down.
    Now I am a firm believer in conspiracy theories (I’m creative!) and this one just tickles me… could Masked Blogger just turn out to be a well-aimed Dell plug?
    However it goes I’m rooting for him and the quiet storm he’s created. He’s the best thing that’s happened to me and the company I work for since I stepped onto the bloggerride…

  2. Sorry. Good try but I am pretty sure it ain’t him. I know Keith personally and he has never worked for Apple in the past or the present. He is an independent marketing consultant so unless Apple are paying him to be the MB I cannot see why he would be writing this blog.
    All I know from the posts personal disclosure is MB shops at Sainbury’s and groceries must be cheaper in the US than UK judging by comments on the size of MB’s weekly bills. Of course they could have a big weekly bill because they have a number of kids or aged relatives living with them or entertain friends extensively or buy all their clothes there too! I don’t see how $100 a week makes them a fraud as one post claimed!
    MB is tackling a valid issue – corporates reluctance to blog. MB seems to be collecting input to help challenge an internal management decision. If they feel it can be done better as MB then fine by me. I have to be honest and say personally all this interest and attempt at ‘outing’ MB makes me feels uncomfortable.
    (For the record: I have never been employed by Apple either directly or in any paid consultancy capacity. I did work closely with Apple in 1984 – 85 on the ill fated Lotus software product called Jazz . I also worked closely with them in 1990 – 1994 when marketing Tektronix colour printers in Europe to the graphic arts and design community. I have used Apple products in the past (92 – 94) but have been Dell based for a number of years. The studio guys use Apple plus PC based kit and we make use of iTunes for our clients podcasts. I do shop at Sainsbury’s but also sometimes Waitrose. I spend over $100 per week on food as I have two kids, 2 cats and a dog besides myself to feed.)

  3. I’ve talked to Keith about this and I’m reasonably certain that the Masked Blogger is NOT Keith Collins. Not only has Keith never worked for Apple, the writing styles are markedly different.

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