★ Bookmarks for February 8th from 02:03 to 03:01

These are my links for February 8th from 02:03 to 03:01:

  • UsabilityPost – The Laws of Simplicity – At the 2006 annual TED conference in Monterey, the New York times columnist David Pogue delivered a presentation about the importance of simplicity in business. The commercial success of Google’s simple search engine interface and Apple’s iPod music player show that simplicity sells.

    This idea of simplicity as a selling point clashes with the old thinking of constantly adding new features to your product in order to make it more appealing to your customers. Simple products are often thought of as dumbed-down, basic and inferior. But adding features doesn’t mean you get better products — it almost always means you get more complicated products just because the interface has to be expanded to accommodate the new functionality.

  • Apple iPad's rejection of Adobe Flash could signal the player's death knell – washingtonpost.com – Apple let this display of incompatibility happen by accident.

    The generic blue-brick icon that appeared on the iPad's screen in place of the New York Times' usual Flash menu was Apple's way of saying "We don't need Flash. You don't either."

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