★ Bookmarks for February 8th from 15:40 to 16:20

These are my links for February 8th from 15:40 to 16:20:

  • Neighborhood Information, Data and APIs – Zillow Developer Tools – Looking to add cool local data for your site? Enhance your Web site or blog with interesting info such as school data, points of interest, and neighborhood demographics.
  • Social Today Feels Like Search A Decade Ago: Lots Of Noise And Lots Of Spam – Someone will eventually help us make sense of all these various types of services, and help us separate the noise and spam from the real signal. I don’t know who’s going to do it, and I certainly don’t know how (if I did, I’d be doing it, not writing about it). But at some point soon, one of the Internet giants, or some new startup we’ve never heard of, is going to fix this mess for us.

    I hope it comes sooner rather than later. Because social today looks a lot like search a decade ago. It’s broken, and just waiting for someone to fix it.

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