★ How to Tap to Click on a MBP Trackpad

When my wife is reading a book (the kind made of atoms rather than bits) and I am reading the latest news in technology and web design she gets a little annoyed by the frequent clicking sound my MBP trackpad makes. I mostly read in Reeder and leverage the trackpad gestures; however, there are certain things you can’t do with a gestures.

Reeder for mac screen shot of gestures preferences

Today, I recalled that on my old MBP I was able to just tap the trackpad instead of having to pushdown to click (this makes the noise). With a little googling I was able to turn up an Apple Knowledge Base article that showed me how to enable Tap to Click.

Here’s an image that shows the Trackpad preferences where you can enable this feature (that is off by default).

Trackpad preferences screenshot

I was certainly happy to find this trackpad preference, as was my wife!

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