★ Bookmarks for December 11th from 18:45 to 18:47

These are my links for December 11th from 18:45 to 18:47:

  • Agile roadmapping | MindTheProduct
  • Product Prioritisation 101 | MindTheProduct – David vs Goliath

    One final challenge is how to weigh small changes and tweaks against major new features or products. How can you prioritise changing some copy or fixing a little bug against a major rewrite or a whole new product line? The former might take minutes, while the latter might take 6 months. Seems impossible right?
    Score everything equally
    The correct way would of course be to score each project/task and estimate the relative value to the business. But even with a lightweight scoring process you’ve probably spent more time doing the analysis than the small tasks would have taken in the first place! And nothing annoys me more than spending time on definition and analysis for a 10-minute change.

    Split Roadmaps
    The more sensible option is to have two roadmaps or backlogs – one focused on big projects like new features or product lines, and another focused on small ongoing tasks like bugs, enhancements and tweaks to existing features. The former requires detailed analysis and prioritisation and the latter can be much more fluid, with much simpler prioritisation criteria. This not just simplifies your prioritisation but gives you the agility and flexibility to respond to market and customer needs quickly in the small tasks roadmap without derailing bigger strategic projects.

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