★ Bookmarks for July 21st from 15:07 to 15:07

These are my links for July 21st from 15:07 to 15:07:

  • Comparing T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon’s Upgrade Plans – Bonnie Cha – Mobile – AllThingsD – As you can see, T-Mobile is the cheapest of the three. This is because T-Mobile has taken the cost of device subsidies out of its rate plans, whereas AT&T and Verizon continue to charge the same prices for their data plans, even though you’re now paying full price on a phone.
    So, when T-Mobile executives criticize their competitors for charging you for the same phone twice, they’re not just poking fun, they’re also telling the truth. The downside of T-Mobile is that it has a much smaller 4G LTE network right now.
    And to be fair, none of these plans is much of a deal, at least when compared to buying a new phone every two years.

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