★ Bookmarks for October 8th

These are my links for October 8th:

  • Implementing Responsive Design | Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web – ABOUT THE BOOK

    New devices and platforms emerge daily. Browsers iterate at a remarkable pace. Faced with this volatile landscape we can either struggle for control or we can embrace the inherent flexibility of the web.

    Responsive design is not just another technique—it is the beginning of the maturation of a medium and a fundamental shift in the way we think about the web.

    Implementing Responsive Design is a discussion about how this affects the way we design, build, and think about our sites. Readers will learn how to:

    Build responsive sites using a combination of fluid layouts, media queries and fluid media
    Adopt a responsive workflow from the very start of a project
    Enhance content for different devices
    Use feature-detection and server-side enhancement to provide a richer experience

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