★ Bookmarks for October 12th

These are my links for October 12th:

  • Web Design 101: Adaptive vs. Responsive Design – ** Adaptive web design **
    The term adaptive web design (AWD) was coined by author Aaron Gustafson, who wrote a book of the same name about the topic. Put simply, AWD uses the components of progressive enhancement (PE) to define design methods that focus on the user, not the browser. Additionally, PE is a powerful methodology for web developers who are building websites – it’s the principle of starting with a firm foundation and adding enhancements on top of it.

    ** Responsive web design **
    The term, responsive web design (RWD) was coined by web designer and developer, Ethan Marcotte. In a 2010 article for tech blog “A List Apart” Marcotte explains the technique for the extension of progressive enhancement for mobile in an efficient and practical way – meaning, media inquiries and conditional CSS can be used to create flexible and fluid layouts for any screen.

    Put simply, responsive web design is about browser sizes. It’s concerned with layout, hierarchy and creating an optimal reading experience regardless of device.

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