★ Bookmarks for October 23rd

These are my links for October 23rd:

  • AT&T pursues the era of connectivity with two initiatives – The carrier announced two new data plans for casual users who occasionally need more than just a Wi-Fi connection. It unveiled a $5 day pass that provides 250MB of data and can be purchased and enabled directly from cellular-enabled tablets, marketing the offering as an affordable alternative to hotel Wi-Fi systems, as well as $25 offering for 1GB of data that can be used any time over a three-month period. As I wrote more than two years ago, prepaid data services should provide something of a lift for sales of cellular-enabled tablets, which have languished compared to Wi-Fi-only models because of the high cost of data plans. And it should help AT&T generate some modest revenues from a largely untapped market.

    It outlined a deal to provide machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions for Tesla Motors vehicles. The service, which reportedly will use the carrier’s HSPA+ network rather than LTE, will include two-way communications, remote engine diagnostics and web-based content such as search, traffic, weather and radio.

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