All Together Now: Content & Collaboration in a Responsive Redesign

Harvard College knew it was time for a website overhaul: While prospective students who visited campus raved about the welcoming staff, those who only used the website said Harvard felt distant and formal. Users had to navigate three different but often near-duplicate websites—the College, Admissions, and Financial Aid—to get critical information. Amid it all, mobile visits were soaring—and the College needed to support those users equally.

The answer? A single, responsive website that unified content from all three groups, brought the Harvard College experience to life online, and better communicated information about key topics like financial aid. But getting there took more than editorial revisions and layout decisions. It took changing how each department saw its content, transforming it from a departmental output into a student-centric resource.

Hear how web design studio Happy Cog, Harvard, and a content strategist partnered to transform multiple websites into a single, student-centered system, and learn how leading with content can:

– Help diverse departments embrace a single vision and shared roadmap
– Keep projects on time and on budget
– Ensure responsive design systems and CMS specs actually fit your content’s needs

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