The Safe Mac » Mac anti-virus testing 2014

Almost exactly one year ago, I completed a round of tests of 20 different anti-virus programs on the Mac. Because this is an area of software that is in almost constant flux, I felt it was important to repeat that test this year. I was very curious about whether these programs were still as effective (or ineffective) as they had been, and how well they detected new malware that had appeared since the last test was performed.

After last year’s testing, I received a number of requests for tests of other apps. This year’s testing sees a change in some of the apps being tested. Four new apps were added, while two were removed from testing (one simply because it was redundant). The malware samples used also went through a change. Some samples were removed, in an attempt to remove any that might have been deemed questionable, while others were added. Multiple samples of each of nine new malicious programs, which did not exist at the time of last year’s testing, were included.

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