An Incremental Approach to Content Management Using Git | ThoughtWorks

One of the many challenges with building or refreshing a website is the selection of a Content Management System (CMS). Despite our best efforts the CMS can often be a source of difficulty in a project, but there are alternatives. Read about the approach we took on to developing functionality to support content management in an incremental fashion.

When it comes to content management, organisations will often select a CMS product early in the life cycle of a website development.  This is frequently the source of pain later on in the project; frameworks usually enforce their view of the world upon their developers, and trying to choose correctly at the point where you understand the least about the project is nigh-on impossible.

Apart from wanting to avoid a big and difficult decision at the outset, there are a number of reasons why we took the decision not to use a CMS on from the get-go:

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