Adaptive Path and the Death Rattle of the Web 2.0 Era | WIRED

“We were frankly surprised by it too,” he told WIRED. “When they came along and wanted to meet with us we were like, sure, we’ll have a meeting. I’m not going to go out on a date with you but we can have coffee.”

But instead, they got married. And it’s also kind of, almost, maybe not surprising? Despite the Web 2.0′s tendency towards self-promotional hype, the actual experience principles it championed were mostly spot on. Adaptive Path led much of that push and in doing so was one of a handful of companies that fundamentally changed the way we use our screens.

Increasingly, we interact with Banks solely on screens. When was the last time you spoke to a teller? Do you even know where to find a deposit slip? So it’s no surprise that there is an arms race going on among banks to recruit digital design and experience talent.

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