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These are my links for February 8th from 02:03 to 03:01:

  • UsabilityPost – The Laws of Simplicity – At the 2006 annual TED conference in Monterey, the New York times columnist David Pogue delivered a presentation about the importance of simplicity in business. The commercial success of Google’s simple search engine interface and Apple’s iPod music player show that simplicity sells.

    This idea of simplicity as a selling point clashes with the old thinking of constantly adding new features to your product in order to make it more appealing to your customers. Simple products are often thought of as dumbed-down, basic and inferior. But adding features doesn’t mean you get better products — it almost always means you get more complicated products just because the interface has to be expanded to accommodate the new functionality.

  • Apple iPad's rejection of Adobe Flash could signal the player's death knell – washingtonpost.com – Apple let this display of incompatibility happen by accident.

    The generic blue-brick icon that appeared on the iPad's screen in place of the New York Times' usual Flash menu was Apple's way of saying "We don't need Flash. You don't either."

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  • iA » iPad Stencil for Omnigraffle – This is the first version of an OmniGraffle template for folks designing iPad apps. It’s not complete; we plan to update it as we’re working on our own designs.

★ Bookmarks for February 4th from 17:01 to 20:34

These are my links for February 4th from 17:01 to 20:34:

  • Forgotten CSS selectors | 456 Berea Street – Well, the market share of IE 6 is now finally at a level where we as developers can say that a site “supporting” IE 6 does not mean “looking pixel perfect”. Fortunately more and more clients understand this as well. So I think it’s time to revive those CSS selectors that you never got to use just because IE 6 doesn’t understand them.
  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error

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★ Bookmarks for January 29th from 17:14 to 22:16

These are my links for January 29th from 17:14 to 22:16:

  • Apple unveils the iPad: Steve Jobs and the iPad of hope | The Economist – The new iPad has important limitations, which critics were quick to point out. It does not have a camera or a phone and users cannot run multiple applications on it at the same time. But Apple should be able to correct such flaws in due course. Together with a host of other touch-screen “tablet” computers that are expected to reach shops over the next year or so, the iPad looks set to revolutionise the way in which digital media are consumed in homes, schools and offices.
  • Forrester Research: The Future of Online Customer Experience – New technologies follow a pattern. They start by imitating older technologies before they evolve to their true forms. The first automobiles looked like horseless carriages. It wasn’t until the Vintage Era of the 1920’s that cars evolved to a form that we’d recognize today with features like front-engines, enclosed cabs, and electric starters. Televisions started off copying radios — they looked more like an armoire with a small screen stuck on the front.

★ My CSS Zen Garden Design

Here’s my design for a CSS Zen Garden assignment in my CSS class.


Let me know what you think.

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