Seamless Linking to Your App – WWDC 2015 – Videos – Apple Developer

Learn how to increase app engagement by using universal links to lead users directly to your App when they tap links to your website. Discover how Smart App Banners and Shared Web Credentials give your users the most integrated mobile experience possible.

Google Search now indexes iOS 9 apps with deep links, Safari will show app content by end of the month | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Emil Protalinski

This means developers can now get app content into the search results page on Safari for iOS by adding universal links to their iOS 9 app, and then integrating with Google’s SDK. Because this is now much simpler, Google is dropping app indexing support on iOS 7 and iOS 8.

The Second Coming Of Deep Linking | TechCrunch

Recently, a new type of deep linking has appeared. Contextual deep-linking technology offers deep links that can pass data to an app through install, in addition to supporting the legacy deep-linking method.

This data is used by the app to show the user relevant information when they open the app for the first time (below). This makes deep links useful for users who didn’t have the app, as well as those who already did. Now, deep links work for newly acquired users, not just existing users, driving growth and re-engagement.

Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat – QuirksBlog

Native defeats web

Technically, it’s simple. The web cannot emulate native perfectly, and it never will. Native apps talk directly to the operating system, while web apps talk to the browser, which talks to the OS. Thus there’s an extra layer web apps have to pass, and that makes them slightly slower and coarser than native apps. This problem is unsolvable.