Design Principles

Learn about design principles and see how they can be applied from architecture to product design.

Oliver | An Introduction to Unix

Everybody Knows How to Use a Computer, but Not Everyone Knows How to Use the Command Line. Yet This is the Gateway to Doing Anything and Everything Sophisticated with a Computer and the Most Natural Starting Place to Learn Programming

Intercom on Product Management book

Drawing from some of the best posts on our blog, Intercom on Product Management offers guidance on the tough decisions you need to make as a PM.

What Makes a Great Product Manager?

Product Managers – if you want to go from being good to great, take a lesson from Grumpy Cat. Get comfortable saying, “No”.

Managing Chaos | Rosenfeld Media

If you ever do anything I tell you then do this one thing: buy Managing Chaos by @lwelchman right now:
It is amazing

The eZ Publish Show #23: Chunky Content – YouTube

Thanks to @ivrdoljak @ilukac for talking to me about chunky content and eZ Publish. If you missed it, here’s video: