U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015 | Pew Research Center

Key Themes of This Report 10% of Americans own a smartphone but do not have broadband at home, and 15% own a smartphone but say that they have a limited number of options for going online other than their cell phone. Those with relatively low income and educational attainment levels, younger adults, and non-whites are […]

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Everybody Scrolls.

Recommendations. We learned that participants almost always scrolled, regardless of how they are cued to do so – and that’s liberating. While it’s hard to make universal recommendations, we’d suggest that designers use the cue that works best in its context. Designers should choose cues for scrolling based on the content, the business category and […]

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Nielson: The Mobile Consumer – A Global Snapshot – Feb. 2013

MOBILE THe NexT MediA POwerHOuSe When the first call was placed on a handheld mobile phone in 1973, the prototype device used was capable of less than 30 minutes of battery life and took 10 hours to re-charge. Fast-forward some 40 years later and mobile device ownership has reached critical mass around the world. Today, […]

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