Interface Inventory | Brad Frost Web

Many are familiar with the concept of a content inventory. Content audits are usually performed in the early stages of a website redesign process to take stock of all a site’s content. It’s a tedious process involving spreadsheets and caffeine, but the hard work pays off. You end up all your content laid out on […]

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Collection: Design Patterns

Reuse, recycle, but don’t reinvent the wheel unless necessary. This collection captures findings of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows from across the web. Please note that the content of these sets is not representative of all of the patterns I’ve captured. I tend to use tags more religiously and recommend that you […]

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★ Bookmarks for January 31st from 14:13 to 15:22

These are my links for January 31st from 14:13 to 15:22: CSS Transitions 101 | Webdesigner Depot – Rules to Better Interfaces – idApostle: An Identity Love Affair / Why Design Can’t be Billed by the Hour –

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